CRT Staff

Jeanne Reis

MEd, CI and CT, Director and ASL Clear Project Director

Jeanne Reis is the director of CRT and the ASL Clear project director. As CRT director, she oversees consultancies with schools, districts, and states on effective bilingual instruction and assessment practices and partners with universities to advance research related to bilingual education. As ASL Clear project director, Jeanne partners with collaborators to develop new content in ASL Clear, offer ASL STEM professional development workshops, and conduct research. Jeanne also engages teams of Deaf subject matter experts to provide standardized test translation into ASL for assessment consortia and states. She served as an ASL and Math content expert for the Guidelines for Accessible Assessments Project, an 18-state, multi-year research and coalition effort funded by The U.S. Department of Education. Jeanne holds a Master’s degree in Education from Boston University, a BA in Linguistics from University of Southern Maine, and a Master Mentor Certificate from University of Colorado Boulder. Jeanne is the daughter of Deaf parents and a heritage signer of American Sign Language.

Chris Chapman

Technical Manager

Chris serves as the lead developer, system administrator and application architect for CRT's web applications, with a focus on modernization, mobile compatibility, accessibility, and performance. These apps include ASL Assessment Instrument (ASLAI), concept learning resource (ASL CLEAR), the linguistic encoding application (Coder), the STEM search tool, and the STEM vetting tool (VET). He has a Master's degree in Instructional Technology and Media from Teachers College at Columbia University and is currently learning ASL.

Paul Uncangco

Full Stack Developer

Paul was originally born on the island of Guam. He graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology in with a Bachelor of Science in Web and Mobile Application Development. He works on two web applications — ASL Assessment Instrument (ASLAI), and ASL Clear.

CRT Experts, Consultants, and Collaborators

Jonah Meehan

Video Production Coordinator
Jonah Meehan is the Video Production Coordinator of Center for Research and Training (CRT). Filmmaking is a lifelong passion for Jonah and it is this passion that has had driven him to graduate from Gallaudet University in 2011 with a self-directed B.A. in Film and Scriptwriting. After his graduation, he went onto working for ASLFilms Company where he was involved in three feature-length film productions titled, respectively, "Versa Effect" , "Slot", and "In the Can" as Assistant Director, Screenwriter, and Actor. After his memorable stint at the ASLFilms Company, he became a freelance filmmaker where he worked on several independent film productions as Director and Screenwriter, including a research training film called "Sign Here — How to Conduct Informed Consent With Deaf Research Participants", and "Signs of Safety", a 12-episode webseries dealing in trauma such as substance abuse and domestic abuse for deaf people. Both films were produced by DeafYES Center for Deaf Empowerment and Recovery at University of Massachusetts Medical School. Jonah is also the Associate Producer of "Bilingual-Bicultural Movement at The Learning Center for the Deaf", a documentary film that dissected the birth of the Bilingual-Bicultural Movement at The Learning Center for the Deaf and its prominent figures such as Marie Philip, Ben Bahan, Anita Small, Warren Schwab, Mike Bello, et al. Jonah Meehan is a 2006 graduate of The Learning Center for the Deaf and he is also a Deaf heritage signer of ASL.

Bilingual Deaf Education Consultation-ASL and ELA

Kristin Di Perri, EdD

Todd Czubek, PhD, NAD IV

Bilingual Deaf Education Consultation-STEM

Jeanne Reis, MEd, CIT, CT, MMP

Barbara Spiecker, MS

Mandy Houghton, BS

Chris Kurz, PhD

Manny Hernandez

The ASL Clear team ecosystem

Interpreter Training and Mentorship

Jeanne Reis, MEd, CIT and CT, MMP

Amy Williamson, MA, CIT, CT, SC:L

Andrew R. Bottoms, MS

Bruce Bucci, EdS

Patrick Rosenberg, MEd

Patrick Costello, MEd, EdS

Test Translation

Jeanne Reis, MEd, CIT and CT, MMP

Barbara Spiecker, MS

Mandy Houghton, BS

Bruce Bucci, EdS

Stacy Eilbert, MEd

Charlie Ainsworth, BA

Patrick Costello, MEd. EdS

Lorne Farvoritch, MS

Larwan Berke, BS

American Sign Language Assessment Instrument (ASLAI)

Bob Hoffmeister, PhD

Jeanne Reis, MEd, CIT and CT, MMP

Jon Henner, EdD

Mandy Houghton, BS

Deaf Education Research-Collaborators

Jonathan Henner, EdD
Assistant Professor Professions in Deafness; Department of Specialized Education Services, University of North Carolina, Greensboro


Christopher Kurz, PhD
Associate Professor Master of Science in Secondary Education and Director, DEAF Math and Science Language and Learning Lab (DMS-L3) NTID @ RIT


Amy Lieberman, PhD
Assistant Professor of Deaf Studies, Boston University


Erin T. Solovey, PhD
Assistant Professor of Computer Science in the College of Computing & Informatics and Director of the Advanced Interaction Research (AIR) Lab, WPI

Organization and University Collaborations

Boston University

Drexel University


Northeastern University

University of North Carolina Greensboro


Boston Children’s Hospital Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program

Discovery Museums

Waquoit Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve

MA Department of Elementary and Secondary Education

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